How To Install Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Extend Your Living Area

Design Goals

Lighting shall provide comfortable light.

Up Lights outdoor building lighting Up lights palm and yucca
picture of landscape lights transformer, wire, lights
  • Low voltage is used for most landscape lighting.
  • A transformer converts 120-volt AC (Alternating Current) into 12-volt DC. (Direct Current)
  • Identify what you want to light.
  • Decide on transformer location. Requires an available 120-volt AC power source. Location for photocell that turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Become familiar with what you have to work with for a better design. The right fixture, along with beam angle and light output, is most important. Light color is soft white up to very bright daylight output. All type are available in LED form.

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