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Retrofit LED Bulbs
Replacements are available for the halogens that come with the fixture. LED replacements come in warm white (about 3000), up to cool white (4100). A 7 watt MR16 LED are as bright or brighter than the 50 watt halogen equivalent.
Replacing your existing incandescent or halogen bulbs with durable LED bulbs offers numerous benefits. You enjoy an even better light performance and benefit from very low energy consumption. LEDs are available in all hues of white light. Warm white to daylight. When purchasing fixtures for a new install, or replacing old ones, I recommend buying LED replacements from the beginning. We just throw the halogens away.
Understanding Light Output
image for light in kelvins

Beam angle of bulb makes a big difference. A 20 degree beam angle focuses light output with a narrow beam angle. The spot light will use a narrow beam angle. A flood light, or wall wash light will use a wider beam angle.

image for beam angles of light

Color temperature in lighting describes how the color of the light appears from a lamp, measured in kelvins (K).
Imagine a scale from 1000K (very red) to 10,000K (very blue) (actual scale is wider). The higher up the scale you go, the closer the light resembles blue daylight.
Color temperature does not describe the actual temperature of the lamp itself but the color it produces. The higher the color temperature the “cooler” a lamp will look.
A light bulb’s (lamp’s) color temperature lets us know what the look and feel of the light produced will be.
image of color temperature scale in kelvins

What is a Lumen?
A Lumen (lm) is the International Standard unit for the total amount of visible light emitted from a source. Like Watts, Lumens are a standard measurement within the lighting industry and can be found on the box of most light bulbs.

To illustrate the relationship between Watts and Lumens across different lighting technologies, consider the following.

The information below shows the typical Lumen levels expected from traditional incandescent bulbs.

40w incandescent = 380 – 460 Lumens
60w incandescent = 750 – 850 Lumens
75w incandescent = 1100 – 1300 Lumens
100w incandescent = 1700 – 1800 Lumens
Direct sunlight = 100,000 Lumens

The information below shows the typical Lumen levels expected from LEDs.

5w LED Candelabras = 400 Lumens
7w LED A19 = 600 Lumens
12w LED PAR30 = 850 Lumens

MR16 GU5.3 LED Retrofit Halogen Replacement

Narrow Spot - Bright Daylight

MR16 LED Light Bulb, 50-Watts Halogen Equivalent, GU5.3 Base, AC/DC12V, Cool White, 90% Energy Saving, 36 Degree Narrow Angle LED Spotlight, 6 Pack by TORKASEimage of led spot light

Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 50-Watt Halogen Spot Light, Blackimage of spot light

Product Description
Paradise Garden Lighting’s GL22720BK 12-volt starfire floodlight is the sturdy and stylish solution for highlighting your home’s favorite landscaping or architectural details. With a tool-free installation process and a durable cast aluminum construction that can withstand the elements year round, the starfire’s 50-watt floodlighting capabilities deliver a maintenance-free means of putting your birdbath, water feature, front porch, or entryway on display at night. Combine multiple starfire floodlights to illuminate pathways or patio and deck areas to provide mood lighting while entertaining outdoors.

Product Details:
Fixture Construction: Cast Aluminum Construction
Color: Black
Lens Type: Glass
Bulb Type: Halogen MR16
Bulb Wattage (max.) / Voltage: 50W/12V
Certification: UL certified
Warranty: Lifetime
What is in Box?
One Paradise Garden Lighting starfire 12-volt floodlight in black, 12 inches of SPT-1, 18-gauge wire, one connector box, and one 50-watt halogen MR16 light bulb.

Paradise by Sterno Home Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 50-Watt Halogen Spot Light, Black
Paradise by Sterno Home Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 50-Watt Halogen Spot Light, Black

50 watt MR16 Low Voltage Cast Aluminum Floodlight, Rust

Wide Floods - Bright Daylight
Dimmable 12V 4W MR16 LED Bulbs - 3200K Warm White LED Spotlights - 50Watt Equivalent - 330 Lumen 60 Degree Beam Angle
image of mr16 led

Paradise by Sterno Home Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 11-Watt Bala Down Light, Black

low voltage landscape light wire
Cerrowire 241-1402B 50-Feet 14/2 Low Voltage Underground Landscape Lighting Cable
10 gauge Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire
12 gauge Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire

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